About Us

Welcome to Story Liker – The New Horizon to Explore World

A new horizon in life emerges when there is a storyteller and a listener. So, we are here to connect with you with various topics that are significant today. The basic, tips, tricks, remedies, guidelines, and news can help you get accustomed to the condition of the world today. 

Let’s begin the journey together. Are you ready to explore various factors related to life events? From science to fiction, you will get various ideas about the ideology of life. No need to visit various websites. We will give you ideas about various types of genres related to current affairs. Stay connected and updated with our team.

History and Background

One fine day, the mind of a creative developer, Monowar Iqbal Layek sparked to make something innovative. He is the founder of Story Liker which was started on 21st March 2021. Our journey is for updating you about the novice things in life. We are striving to plan some necessary things for you. 

Aims and Objectives

Our website deals with the spread of necessary information that is needed for you. We are helping you with various tips and tricks about life. It is necessary to know about the current scenario of the market. You may have a look at some aims and objectives of Story Liker:

  • We are planning to provide you ideas about updated news and tips
  • Our life hacks are built for increasing knowledge about past, present, and future
  • We are planning to bring new events to the company in future
  • More categories may be added
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