6 Most Affordable New Zealand Cities for International Students


The 6 Most Affordable New Zealand Cities for International Students


New Zealand is one of the best study-abroad destinations around the globe. The nation is famous for its visuals, style, enthralling landscape and intellectual cities, including lush woods, golden beaches and mountains. Along with that, the people in the country are friendly, the atmosphere is safe, and it has several top New Zealand universities with affordable tuition classes. Thus, studying in New Zealand for international students is highly appreciated for its education and a fantastic lifestyle.


However, New Zealand is a fantastic place for students with a world–class education system. Regardless of where you will study, all the top universities in New Zealand comply with global standards and are monitored by the government to maintain their education quality. This blog explores the best New Zealand cities for international students and many other facts.


Best and Affordable New Zealand Cities for International Students 


Below we mentioned a few of the best New Zealand cities for international students for your reference:


  1. Christchurch 

Christchurch is famous for its English heritage and distinct Western culture. However, the city is not ranked as the cheapest but is affordable compared to others. The costs are slightly higher than in other places, but for those looking for affordability with urban living, Christchurch is one of the best cities to study in New Zealand. The city has a substantial population rather than being one of the largest cities in New Zealand. The University of Canterbury is leading down in this area and offers numerous courses in ecology, geology and biology. To obtain education in New Zealand, students come from around the world and receive top–notch education.


  1. Hamilton 

It is one of the most engaging and best New Zealand cities for international students. The city is located in the Waikato region on the northern island of New Zealand. It has a botanical paradise, which is present along with the Waikato River. However, the main attraction of the city is the University of Waikato. The university is the best choice to study in New Zealand for Indian students to pursue higher education. Even the university allows you to stay with the family. Students have a great choice in choosing to study at a higher level. Hamilton also has two other prestigious institutions, including Te Wananga o Aotearoa, and a couple of research institutes.


  1. Wellington 

The hub of economic and social activity and the country’s capital, Wellington is the first and best place to study in New Zealand, which is ideal for them. Instead of its population of 2 Lakh, this city is vast in terms of culture, personality and beauty. The city is home to prestigious universities and ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide in 19 subjects. The city’s central business sector is located between beaches, lush hills and the harbour, which serve as the city’s backdrop. Mount Victoria, a popular outdoor attraction, is only a short drive away. The city is also a haven for young hipsters, with many cafes, pubs and restaurants.


  1. Auckland 

Auckland is another top choice for students. Auckland is the 18th-best New Zealand city for international students and attracts students from around the globe yearly. Auckland is New Zealand’s most populous and glitziest metropolis, with 1.6 million residents. Auckland’s skyline is one of the world’s most distinctive, thanks to the Sky Tower towers above the business district. Auckland is New Zealand’s most significant metropolis by ethnic diversity. The top 5 New Zealand universities for international students are in the city. Auckland is New Zealand’s most important metropolis in terms of ethnic diversity. The University of Auckland, with more than 40,000 students, is the country’s largest and most respected university. It can be an intelligent decision for students in light of these facts.


  1. Dunedin

Dunedin is known for its vibrant student community and lower living costs than larger cities such as Auckland and Wellington. The city is often referred to as the Edinburgh of New Zealand. The city also has a modern twist, with an active social scene and street art. Dunedin has a rich literary heritage and is home to many organizations, businesses, and events. Dunedin has several universities offering professional and master’s in New Zealand for international student’s degrees and undergraduate programs.


  1. Palmerston North 

Palmerston North, also known as Student City, is a student-friendly city. The Indian students studying abroad will love this environment! It’s also an excellent option for budget-conscious tourists. The city’s small size makes it a great weekend getaway. Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is only two hours away. Lake Taupo, less than two hours away, can also be relaxing.



These six are the best New Zealand cities for international students and the best places to reside. So, students shouldn’t miss any opportunity to pursue higher education and accomplish their dreams. If any student wants to achieve their on foreign land, consult the best study abroad consultant in India.



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