Unlocking the World: A Guide to Obtaining an Australian Visitor Visa 600


Travelling to Australia requires a valid visa whether you are there for personal, educational, or business purposes. Visitors to Australia may apply for several visas, such as working holidays and tourist visas. You can submit your visa application at the Australian embassy or consulate. Application forms are also available on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website.

A visitor visa to Australia may serve you for various reasons like attending business meetings, meeting family, and exploring the natural beauty. You must check the requirements and processing of the visa application and proceed further.

Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The visitor visa 600 is for travellers and business travellers. It also allows you to visit your relatives in Australia and to finish short educational programmes lasting less than three months. The requirements are straightforward, and the visa can be granted for three, six, or twelve months. It can also be utilised if you want a brief extension of another substantive visa, such as a student visa, which is about to expire. 

It has three streams based on the intention of the visitor to visit Australia. These streams are:

  • Tourist Stream
  • Family Stream
  • Business Stream

Types of Tourist Visas for Australia

Several sorts of visas are available, depending on your intended purpose for visiting Australia and the length of your stay. A person must also fulfil specific financial and medical standards to apply for the visa.

Electronic travel visa (subclass 601)

The visa permits the holder to make as many trips to Australia as they like for one year, staying for three months on each trip.

(Subclass 651) EVisitor Visa

The visa permits up to three visits to Australia within 12 months for tourism or commercial purposes. However, it doesn’t allow for visa extensions.

Visitor visa subclass 600

This visa permits a stay of up to three months, while it may alternatively be issued for up to 12 months under specific conditions.

Requirements for Obtaining an Australian Visitor visa

You must consider the following points to be eligible for Australian visitor visa subclass 600.

  • You must have sufficient funds to support your trip to Australia.
  • Before submitting a visa application, personal and physical prerequisites must be satisfied.
  • You must not have any debt outstanding to the Australian government in the applicant’s name or the name of any family members.
  • You should present all of the necessary documentation for everyone travelling with them.
  • You must specify the reason for the visit.
  • The applicant must persuade the immigration officer that they will visit again before their visa expires.

Documents That Must Accompany a Visa Application

The visitor visa subclass 600 checklist requires all the required documents to be attached by applicants who desire to apply for an Australia visit visa. These documents are as follows:

  • Demonstrate that they have enough money to cover the costs of their visit for the duration of the trip.
  • Possess no criminal history, and you must abide by all Australian laws
  • Comply with all health requirements and provide any required medical documents
  • Display the appropriate identification and the sponsors’ invitation letter
  • Duly updated recent passport
  • Current coloured passport-size photos
  • Proof of genuine temporary entrant
  • 3 to 6 months’ worth of bank statements
  • Travel protection
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Request letter: A letter of invitation from a relative or friend in Australia is required while visiting family or friends.
  • Booking confirmation for a hotel

The Application Process for a Tourist Visa in Australia

Step 1: Verify that you have all the necessary paperwork mentioned on the visitor visa subclass 600 checklist, are in good physical condition, and have a passport that is still valid.

Step 2: Register with lmmiAccount and complete the application. Then attach and submit all of the paperwork.

Step 3: Pay for your visa applications, after which they will be processed.

Step 4: Following the authority’s review of your documentation and visa applications, you will receive a confirmation. If asked, provide biometric data or further documentation.

Step 5: You will receive a visa decision. You can download a copy of the confirmation if you receive an Australian tourist visa.

There is an AUD 145 application fee. Additionally, costs for medical examinations, biometrics, and police certificates may apply. Getting an Australian tourist visa can take a while. Visitor visa 600 processing time may vary case by case, depending on the circumstances for each stream. However, It could take anywhere from 2 days to 37 days to finish the process. 


Vacationers who want to visit Australia for a year or less can do so with the Visitor Visa Subclass 600. It is a fantastic opportunity for people who desire to go and live in the country for a while. You can visit your friends or relatives who have settled there with a Visitor Visa 600.

To understand its eligibility and other requirements, you can explore the official site of the Department of home affairs. You can also search for migration agents near me on internet explorer and contact them for assistance.


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