Why Vastu Shastra is Important for Buying a House?


Vastu shastra is a science and Indian tradition of architecture in Hinduism. There are some practices and principles that form an important part of constructing or remodeling a house. You might think it is a myth to believe Vastu shastra, but scientifically the vibes and energy in a house and office are proved and experienced. 

Vastu is proven science that is based on positive and negative vibes. If your house is not guarded with positive power, you won’t face any problems in your house and office. You can contact a good astrologer to build a house that is based on Vastu. Have a look at some expert’s tips:

Proper Open Space

You should ensure that there is a good open space around your house. It is necessary because sunlight can spread all over your house. The positive energy of the light can kill the negativities in your life. 

You will remain fresh and cheerful all the day if fresh morning light enters your home every day. Moreover, harmful bacteria and viruses can also be killed with the help of light. It is always necessary that half feet gap should be there between your house and the boundary. The spacious place can help you get rid of clumsiness, and it is one of the rules of Vastu.


Grow Greenery

Try to grow plants in the open space, balconies, window part, or in the garden of your house. As per the Vastu system, unpolluted and fresh air can help in controlling the negative ambiance in your house.

Make sure that you can grow a plant of Tulsi and Neem. These plants can help in killing the infection and bacteria in your home. Moreover, the air of these plants can help in destroying negative energy as well.

South or West Entry to Home

Whether you have a house or an apartment, the entry point of the house should be as per Vastu shastra. The wealth, prosperity, and power can enter your house with the help of the right direction. 

If the infrared rays that come from the west and south direction can help in destroying the negative vibes entering your house. Try to construct or buy a house that is south or west-side facing. A house is bought or built once in life, so if you want to get a permanent solution to the problems of your life, you should build the base or root of your life properly with the help of Vastu science.


Set the Direction of Your Bedroom

The ideal bedroom should be in the southwest corner. If you want to bring a peaceful and happy conjugal life, avoid an irregular-shaped bedroom. Check the rectangular and square rooms only. Do not live in a triangular-shaped room if you want peace and happiness in your life.

Bedrooms and living rooms are always important, so don’t ignore the direction and the shape suggested by Vastu shastra.

Find Out the Perfect Direction of the Kitchen

The ideal kitchen is always suggested in the southeast direction according to Vastu. The food should be prepared in an east direction. You should also avoid the kitchen right in front of your main door. 

As per Hinduism, a kitchen is a sacred place. So, it should always be clean and well-decorated. You can keep agarbatti or aromatic room spray in the kitchen.

Keep Your Kids Happy by Setting their Rooms Space Right

Choose a northwest or northeast zone room for your children. If the windows of the walls are in the north direction, and ample light enter their room, it is better for their bright future. 

Bright light and spacious rooms with fewer furniture sets are best for your children’s career and future. So, try to be smart before thinking about your child’s future. 

Do not Ignore the Direction of Washroom or a Bathroom

Most people ignore the shower room or toilet in their home. Now, you should not do that because water is the sign of wealth. Remember, your bathroom should not have a bad tap that has leakage. The bathroom or toilet of your house should be in the southeast or northwest corner of your house. Also, your bathroom should not be next to your kitchen or prayer room. 


Look after the Vastu of the Prayer Room

North-east is the most auspicious area for prayer, as it is considered as divine direction. If the Pooja or prayer room is east facing, then also it is a perfect place to pray. You can also do meditation in a north-east facing room to connect with divinity.

Don’t Keep Electronics in Bedroom

There are various electronics such as microwave, refrigerator, television, mixer & grinder, etc. You can keep those things in your drawing room, nursery, kitchen, dining room, or kid’s room. But do not keep any electronics in your bedroom where husband and wife live. 

You also have to remember, that electronics also have some vibes. Those vibrations may negatively affect you. So, try to plan the furniture and electronics settings properly.

Avoid Keeping Broken Utensils and Torn Dress in Your Home

Torn and broken things can pass negative energy into your house. So, you should avoid keeping those things. Always try to keep your home clean. Dust and dirt can restrict positive light and energy to enter your home. If you have less time, take domestic help to clean your home.

Summing Up

A house construction, decoration, and renovation cannot be done several times in your life. So, always remember without the maintenance of your house Vastu system, you cannot maintain the structure of your home properly. 

It is also necessary to remember with the help of the proper Vastu science, you can maintain the condition of your house. Bring positivity in your house, and avoid those things which may be the reason for your loss. Your wealth and prosperity are in your hand.

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