7 Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

best exercises to lose belly fat

If you are planning to shape up your core, then it is a challenging job. The stubborn belly fat is not easy to flatten, but some best exercises to lose belly fat can help you. After all, who doesn’t want a toned tummy, a muffin top, and slipped jeans? Along with the looks, if you put on too much weight, then you can be affected by diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
You may don’t want to maintain a diet or skip foods. In that case, crunches and burpees can help you. Set a monthly routine and yearly goal to cut belly fat. Take a look at some workouts:

1. Burpees


Burpees work on your core part. If you want a flat tummy and a shaped bottom part, then burpees are the perfect setting in your routine. Burpees affect the waist and tummy parts. If you practice it regularly, then you may get the result in six months. Do not forget to warm up before doing burpees.


    • Stand in a distance with shoulders apart
    • Send your hips back to your lower body
    • Try to bend in a low squat position
    • Place your hands outside your back
    • Try to hop your feet back
    • Allow your chest to touch the floor
    • Try to push your hands against the floor
    • Lift your body into the plank position
    • Jump on your feet with your hands
    • Jump explosively into the air with arms overhead

2. Turkish Get-Up

Turkish get up
Turkish get-up

The Turkish get-up is a 200-year-old exercise. You need props such as a kettlebell or dumbles to practice this workout. Turkish Get-up is petitely complicated, but it will work from your base to tighten your tummy.
If you want total body conditioning, then this exercise is an ideal workout for your entire body. This is the best exercise to lose belly fat because it works on your entire core and bottom portion.


    • Hold one kettlebell by its handle with each hand
    • Press the kettlebell by pressing your back
    • Look up towards the ceiling
    • Release your arms and legs in a freeway at a 45-degree angle
    • Slide with the heel by loaded side closer with butt with the grip of the floor
    • Do not shrug your shoulder towards your ear with the supporting side
    • Weave your front legs through the backside
    • Protect your knees with shin back legs in a perpendicular way
    • Align your arms with wrist over the shoulder and elbow
    • Make your upper body erect by raising the torso slightly
    • Get the grip to the floor
    • Swivel the back knee parallel
    • Stand up and take a deep breath

3. Sprawls


Sprawl is like a set of burpees is a full-body exercise that works on the muscles and burns calories. You can tone up both your upper and lower body, especially the abs. Sprawls are similar to planks and push-ups. So, you can frame your body in shape with the help of sprawl.


    • Stand on your feet with shoulder-distance apart
    • Squat down and place your hands on the ground
    • Start jumping on your feet and back to the plank
    • Touch the ground by bending towards the lower body
    • Push yourself upwards and jump on the feet
    • Work with planks
    • Stand back up and repeat again
    • Add jump between the sprawl to get the best results

4. BOSU Ball Planks


Cardio sessions are always important and special when it comes to burning the layer of the fat in your bottom portion. It is always important to shed fat with proper and effective cardio.
The BOSU Ball Plank set is one of the best cardio workouts that give stress to your stubborn abdominal muscles. It is a challenging exercise, and it works on your obliques, abs, and other muscles.


    • Start flipping a BOSU ball on its rubber side
    • Hold the edges with the flat surface
    • Stand on both the hands
    • Distance apart your shoulder
    • Hold the plank for 30-45 seconds
    • Repeat the set



HIIT is a part of the cardio session that is best for burning the fat of the tummy. The muscle group of your body will start working faster with the help of this workout. Moreover, the blood circulation will also work properly with the help of this exercise.


    • Start a 10-minute warm-up
    • Start with pushups, squats, single-arm rows, and kettlebell swings
    • Start squatting from 10-20 times
    • Jump after that



Not only can the best exercise to lose belly fat, but yoga redefines your posture. If you want to correct your postures shed the fat from your belly, waist, and hip, then yoga can be an effective workout. If you have breathing problems and other diseases, you can manage them with the help of various asanas and postures.


    • Chaturanga
    • Makrasana
    • Surya Namaskar
    • Veer Bhadrasana

Note: These workouts can tighten your core.

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7. Russian Twists

Russian twist
Russian twist

Russian Twist is a core exercise that can help in improving the strength of the oblique. You can use a medicine ball for this exercise. Along with your belly fat, you can tone up your waist with this workout. The Russian twist is one of the best exercises to lose belly fat and a flabby waist.


    • Sit on a yoga mat on the floor with your knees
    • Feet should be off the ground
    • Hold a medicine ball with your hands
    • Take it towards your chest
    • Lean backward with your spine
    • Hold your torso into a 45-degree angle
    • Squeeze the right oblique muscles with your torso
    • Turn your torso left with the oblique muscles on the sides
    • Pause and squeeze the muscles
    • The ribs and arms movement is important

Wrapping Up

If you want to fulfill your dream of a toned tummy and curvy body, then the best exercises to lose belly fat are discussed with steps for you. Start your workout regime now!

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